Handwritten pages towards Fax, Images or PDF version of slide will be transformed in to the PowerPoint template given by client. We focus on one-to-one 100% accuracy. Suitable images will be included in order to convey the message more visually and prominently. We can create templates based on client requirements, which gives the consistent in future presentations and provides the professional look and feel.


The starting point is usually slides that are either just text and sketches or drafts of what you're looking for. We will keep the structure but redesign elements. You could say this is a complete makeover where we replace old furniture with new ones and rearrange them to make them look better. Suitable images will be included in order to convey the message more visually and prominently.

Brushup / formatting

Existing PowerPoint presentation will professionally be enhanced in terms of layout, graphics according to client standard template or corporate guideline. This is the simplest makeover we offer. In most cases, you should choose this treatment if your content is 100% fixed i.e. your texts, diagrams, models and graphs are already all in there and they look, well, "average". In this case, we will format your existing slides to make them look super professional and turn them from mediocre to awesome. In this service, we are not designing anything from scratch.

Reconcept redraw

This treatment is when you want us to think of how to best convey a certain message. An example could be that you would like a process diagram with 5 steps. We will then come up with something based on that and the content. You might also have a sketch in hand or an image in mind you would like us to convert into PowerPoint. This is the treatment of presentation design where we challenge how things should look.

Highend transformation

PowerPoint slides can be shown visually more appealing by adding appropriate colors, images, gradients and matching message with layout. We put the Power in PowerPoint. We quickly diagnose your content and find ways to make it clearer and more impactful. Because we specialize in slide design, we know what works and what doesn't so your message is easier to explain, and your presentation gets results.

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